Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Mr Mac and his Google Ballons

Hi Room 2, hope you are having a great holiday. I have been on a Google Summit for the last two days. That is where I got the balloons from, I have a lot of very cool thinks for us to do to help you with your learning. So get ready for Writing choose your own stories using Google Forms, making digital breakouts using forms, using Google My Maps in Mathematics and a whole lot more.....see you all soon.
From Mr very inspired Mac 


  1. Thanks for giving up part of your holiday to help our learners Mr Mac. Term 2 sounds like it will be very exciting!

  2. Mr Mac always loves getting the balloons! Lucky Mrs Driver knows a few of the Googley people so that Mr Mac can enjoy them! I hope to see some of the new learning that Mr Mac has discovered with your learning in term 2, room 2!