Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A Digital Classroom & A Twitter Chat

Today we worked in Google Classroom for the first time.  
We used Google Classroom to access all the documents we've been working on.

We each have our own login using our Google Suite accounts and we can click on the things we need to do, read the instructions and complete the assignment.  When we are done we can press the turn in button and our teachers can see all the amazing work we've done.

Here's a screenshot of our current classroom page.  We'll be working on creating a much cooler banner in the next few weeks.

One of our assignments on Google Classroom was to answer a few questions about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  We did this so that we were prepared for our afternoon Twitter Chat. 

A Twitter chat is when you can connect with a whole lot of other classrooms and chat about a particular topic.  The great teachers that created KidsEdChat tweeted out the questions and we answered them.  We also got to read and reply to other answers from other classrooms. 

Before we did the Twitter chat we talked about what was okay to Tweet and what was not okay.  We also talked about how to stay safe while we are online.  We made sure we only used our first names and didn't tweet any other personal information about ourselves.  We also made sure our Tweets made sense and that they weren't offensive to anyone - we tweeted just like we would talk to other people - with respect.

We had a bit of a hard time getting everyone onto the Twitter chat so we didn't all get to Tweet today but hopefully we'll sort that out for the next chat.  We did have a great group Tweeting as much as they could - check out their tweets below... 

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  1. I'm super pleased that you are having a go at using Google Classroom with Mrs Lee. It will be interesting to hear how you utilise this digital environment for your learning.