Thursday, 21 June 2018

A Great Conversation about Sustainability

We participated in another KidsEdChat on Twitter yesterday using our class account @SHS_Room2.  This week we talked about sustainability and what we're doing to help live a more sustainable life.  We created our own personal rubbish bags following a video created by a fellow KidsEdChat class.  We thought about what we were already doing at our school and what we could challenge others to do.  

These are the questions we were answering during the chat.  It would be great to keep thinking about these as the year goes on especially as we're an Enviro School and want to make a positive difference to the environment we live in.

1. What does sustainability mean to you?
2. What things do you do in your school that show sustainability?
3. How would you include sustainability practises into your day? Can you add some ideas of how you could help our environment to the padlet
4. Have seen any sustainable practises in you community?
5. Watch the video and take some time to make a rubbish holder post a photo of it if you can
6. List somethings that you could do at school to reduce your school’s carbon footprint.
7. What would you say to other students in your school about what they could do to develop sustainable practises at home and school?

Here are all the tweets that were made during the chat... 

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  1. I am really please Room 2 to see you engaging with other learners across New Zealand via @KidsEdChatNZ. I started a class with this way back at my old school 4 years ago and saw the power of interaction, collaboration and shared learning that this platform enabled. Each week the topics are interesting and pertinent to your developing understanding of the world around you. I look forward to following your tweets.